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While there is no specific definition of a heavy-haul load, United Heavy Haul classifies any commodity that measures 65’ long or longer, or 14’ wide or wider, or 15’ overall height or higher, or has a weight of 60,000 lbs or greater.

Heavy Equipment Transport to and from Ports

Transporting heavy equipment overland is our specialty. Our drivers have years of experienced hauling heavy machinery to US ports for export. When we send your driver to the port, we make sure the operator possesses ID documents for that port.

Heavy Equipment International Export

United Heavy Haul has the experience and expertise to ship your heavy equipment anywhere in the world. Our export partners transport heavy machinery across the globe every day. We’re international shipping experts.

Our Heavy Haul Services

We provide efficient and affordable transport for all kinds of equipment, including construction equipment, farm machinery, and industrial products. Not just that,we also provide shipping services for your emergency vehicles and militarytrucks.

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Heavy Haul

Whenever you need your heavy equipment to be hauled anywhere in the US, letthe professionals take over. We also provide free heavy machinery transport quotes as well as free advice.

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Oversized Transport

Planning and executing the task of moving heavy machinery require professionals and experts who have experience and the required knowledge. We have such experts in our team so that you can just sit back and relax.

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Heavy Equipment Export

Not just the US, we also handle shipping heavy equipment overseas. We will takecare of everything from the transportation of your heavy equipment to the port to overseas shipping to delivery.

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Super Load Hauling

Whenever the shipping equipment exceeds the oversize dimensions of the statesin which your load will travel, specialist services for both transport as well aslogistics are required.

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Catastrophic Recovery

Whether you need to evacuateyour damaged machinery from a site or you want to import machinery for aclean-up, our logistics experts are always at your service. We very well understand the need for immediate response

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Equipment Hauling

We provide heavy equipment hauling services anywhere within the US. On top ofthat, we offer efficient and safe equipment transport at affordable rates. Choose United Heavy Haul for heavy machinery transport to a new location.

Heavy Machinery Transport Services You Can Trust

When it comes to the transportation or shipping of your heavy machinery, youcannot afford to go wrong or choose the wrong oversize load truckingcompany. We have been in the industry for a long time now and have hence,gathered immense knowledge and expertise in the field of shipping heavye quipment.

United Heavy Haul offers efficient and good-quality trucking services all overthe US and overseas. Your equipment is moved with ease with the help of ourfarm and industrial equipment haulers. Based on the type of equipmentbeing shipped, an agent is provided who has knowledge and expertise specific tothe kind of equipment you want to be transported. United Heavy Haul is bonded,licensed, and insured for all heavy machinery shipping services.

Meet Us

Why United Heavy Haul

At United heavy haul we encourage our customers to have safe travelling

We employ effective transportation machinery for moving heavy equipment easily

We can transport any load of heavy materials easily through the transporting machinery

The farm equipment haulers and the industrial machinery movers are our specialty

For moving your calibrated industrial equipment, you can easily trust our industrial equipment haulers

For moving heavier loads, we can provide our lowboy transport service for your ease and conveniences

Among the oversize load trucking companies, we assure you regarding our quality and working procedure

We have our very own equipment moving company here at united

You can trust us with your equipment

Customers oversize trucking, oversize load tracking and specialized haul trucking have been made easier through the use of our specialized machinery movers

Moving machinery is now a piece of cake with our heavy haul services

To find machinery movers near you, you can easily access the website of the company

machine riggers aid In our business

We provide flatbed load rates and are progressing in the business of heavy machinery moving companies

We use heavy haul brokers and heavy-duty moving equipment for moving your machinery easily and safely

Safety of the transport machinery is our first priority

Heavy haul freight rates vary according to the taxes and charges

The equipment transport services which we maintain are worthy of the rates we require

Hauling oversize loads transport was difficult at a time but now, we have made it easier

but now, it is made easier

The heavy machinery transport companies are competing with us and are below our service standards
For dealing, we have effective collaboration services for the flatbed freight brokers and companies
Heavy haul carriers are effective for maintaining business
Heavy haul freight rates and drayage rates can be combined and used easily through our company
Oversized transport is made easier with United heavy haul
Our features of super load hauling and shipping heavy machinery are at a comparable rates and a heavy haul rate
You can trust us with your valuable shipments and we ensure to carry your goods with Care