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Choose us to haul your heavy equipment anywhere in the country. Safe and efficient equipment transport at great rates!

Select United Heavy Haul to haul your heavy equipment to its next work location. Let us match your piece of equipment with the proper trailer to get the job done successfully. You get great customer service from a transport team you can depend upon every time.

Constant communication is the key. Your agent can contact your driver for updates any time. Once your equipment is on the road, you’ll always have access to the status of your load. Our experienced transportation agents are experts at shipping:

  • Construction equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Oversize equipment

Whether your equipment is self-propelled or towable, we have the trailer you need to accomplish the transport. We use flatbeds, step-decks, RGNs and everything in between. Trust United Heavy Haul to ship your heavy equipment quickly – and with zero hassles – to its final destination.

Hauling Oversize Equipment

Heavy equipment that exceeds dimensional regulations set by states is called oversize, or overdimensional. Load dimensions that are regulated by states include weight, height, length and width. Each state has slightly different regulations, so you’ll need to become familiar with the rules for each state in which your load will travel.

If your equipment exceeds any of the dimensions allowable in a state in which your equipment must travel, you’ll need to apply for oversize permits to transit the state. Your knowledgeable transportation agent can help you with:

  • Oversize equipment trailers. Let us help you choose the type of RGN trailer you’ll need to get the job done. Never buy more trailer than you need.
  • Oversize shipping permits. Our staff prepares and submits all your oversize documentation. We’ll handle permits for every state on your travel path.
  • Oversize transport logistics. Trust your logistics professional to organize your transport, schedule your shipment and oversee its progress to success.

United Heavy Haul offers complete oversize transportation services. Your professional transportation agent books your oversize load on the proper trailer, obtains all the proper permits to ship that load, and then shepherds your transport to its successful conclusion.

Transporting Construction Machinery

Shipping heavy-duty construction equipment requires care and caution. To be successful, you need an experienced driver operating state-of-the art transportation equipment. Your professional transportation agent can supply you with all the information you need to ship your construction equipment anywhere in the country.

Let us match your load with an experienced driver operating the right trailer for hauling your pieces of construction machinery. Your qualified agent can move your:

  • Earth-moving equipment. Ship digging machinery such as excavators, trenchers and backhoes. Dozers and dump trucks are no problem!
  • Paving equipment. Move your motor scrapers, motor graders and asphalt rollers to the next worksite. We ship milling machines and road reclaimers.
  • Mining equipment. Transport gigantic screener and rock plants with ease. Let us ship your articulated trucks, conveyor systems and drilling gear.

United Heavy Haul has years of experience transporting heavy construction machinery. Our roster of talented transport professionals can’t be beat. If you’re looking for efficient transport of your valuable construction equipment at the best rates available, call us today.

Shipping Agricultural Machinery

A team of dedicated professionals is required to transport your agricultural machinery. First, your agent works with you to determine which trailer you should use to ship your farm equipment. Then the agent dispatches your load to an experienced driver who’s qualified to handle your valuable cargo. Finally, your agent closely monitors your shipment’s progress until it reaches its final destination.

Farm equipment varies greatly in size, shape and dimension. You’ll need help figuring out what’s available at what price. Your professional transport agent can ship your:

  • Self-propelled farming equipment. Trust us to transport your extra-large motorized machinery, such as combines, cotton pickers and windrowers.
  • Planting, tilling and harvesting equipment. Step-deck trailers are great for plows, seeders and spreaders. Motorized sprayers ride on RGNs trailers.
  • Hay-making equipment. Mowers and balers fit on flatbeds. Hay rakes and tedders, unwieldy and tall when shipped, usually need RGN trailers.

Transportation agents at United Heavy Haul ship agricultural machinery every day. If your farm equipment fits on a flatbed trailer, that’s your most affordable choice. You’ll need loading docks or machinery to load a flatbed trailer. Otherwise, ask your agent whether your farm machinery will travel best upon a step-deck trailer or an RGN trailer.

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We guarantee the quality of our work and the way we do things. You can trust our equipment transportation firm. Oversize trucking, oversize load tracking, and haul trucking are our specialties. We move your machinery safely using big haul brokers and high-duty moving equipment.

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