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Get full-service transportation for your oversize construction equipment and farm machinery. Let us handle the both the logistics and the transport of your oversized load.

Oversize permits add to the costs of your transport. Fees can range from $50 to $300 per state. In general, to avoid designation as an oversize load your piece of equipment must not be greater than:

  • Weight. 80,000 pounds
  • Height. 13 ½ feet.
  • Width. 8 ½ feet
  • Length. 53 feet.


State regulations vary, so you’ll need to ask your transport agents to explain to you the exact dimensional requirements for all the states in which you’ll be travelling. If your shipment exceeds any maximum dimensions established by a state in your travel path, you’ll need to apply for oversize permits to transport your equipment.


Permits and Paperwork

Your experienced heavy-haul agent can apply for your permits and submit your paperwork for your shipments that exceed the maximum dimensions allowable. The three main types of permits you’ll need:

1. Oversize permit. In most states, you’ll need to create an account to request your oversize transport permit. Tell them your route and your days of travel, and they’ll tell you whether you can proceed. Usually takes 5-7 days.


2. Trip permit. Heavy-haul drivers must obtain temporary registrations, called trip permits, when they navigate roads that are not located in their home states. Most drivers join a service that calculates their permit fees monthly.


3. Fuel permit. When travelling outside their homes states, drivers must pay a fee to each state they travel through. Drivers can join a service that charges them regularly, or they can buy a fuel permit each time they hit the state.


Trip permits and fuel permits are required for all loads that exceed 26,000 pounds or travel on three axels or more. (Some states have lower weight thresholds.) Oversize permits are required only when one of the dimensions of your load –weight, height, width or length – exceeds the maximum allowable. If your load is oversize, you’ll need an oversize permit, a trip permit and a fuel permit for each state on your route.


Scheduling and Routing

Your transportation agent also takes care of scheduling and routing your oversize load. When you call the state office to inquire about your oversize permit, they’ll want to know where you are traveling and how large a load you anticipate hauling.

Only Kentucky allows you to ship your oversize load at any time of the week, day or night. Many states restrict oversize travel times to slightly before sunrise to slightly after sunset. You’ll have to check the rules for the states in which you’ll be traveling for any restrictions that may apply, such as:

  • Weekends. Many states don’t allow oversize shipments during weekends.
  • Holidays. Lots of states won’t grant oversize permits for travel on holidays.
  • Weather. Some states have the right to cancel your permit due to weather.


Oversize transports also are restricted to certain routes, which are based upon the constraints of the road systems and the intended dimensions of your load. Possible reasons your proposed route could be denied are:

  • Roads. Some roads can’t withstand the weight of your oversize load.
  • Bridges. You can’t ship an oversize load on a route with a low bridge.
  • Traffic. Some states restrict travel on certain roads due to road congestion..


Trailers and Escort Vehicles

You’ll need to choose the correct trailer to ship your oversize load. Usually that’s an RGN trailer, but RGNs come in lots of styles. Work with your transport agent to determine exactly which type of trailer you need to ship your oversize load. RGN trailer options for oversize loads include:

  • Multi-axle. While most RGN trailers have two or three axels, you can get an RGN with more than 20 axels. All states enforce per-axel weight rules.
  • Extended. They run as long as 150 feet, or more. Or you can add just a few feet to your trailer. Some states don’t allow any overhang during transport.
  • Drop side deck. Also called a ͞raised center deck,͟ these RGN have lower crossbeam decks than regular RGN trailers, for another 6 inches clearance.


One final part of logistics for shipping an oversize load is hiring escort vehicles, if needed. Depending on the dimensions of your load and your travel schedule, you might have to hire support vehicles to escort your load. Ask your transport agent about the need for pilot cars, escort vehicles or boom-lifts to raise wires along your route.

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