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The fate of your business is dependent on your equipment. Subsequently, the expensive equipment that you have invested in for your business needs to be transported to your farm, worksite, or factory. This can be accomplished byavailing of heavy equipment hauling services.

If we talk about hiring a heavy equipment shipping company, size andexperience play a significant role. Not every shipping company will be able to provide you with the best services as heavy haul trucking calls for careful planning. Reach out to our transportation agents to help you find the perfect shipping solution for your heavy machinery.

Let us now tell you about the things that you should know about heavy equipment trucking.

● Learn how to accurately and correctly measure the dimensions of your heavy equipment.
● Conduct research on the brand of the equipment in case you are not sure about the specifications of the equipment being used by us.
● If you require specific equipment to load and unload your heavy equipment, you should know what it is and tell us about it.
● If you are shipping overseas, ensure that you have the necessary permits.
● Ask about what is covered in your transporter's insurance and if there is a need for any extra insurance.

heavy haul transportation services

Heavy Haul

Turn to the professionals to ship your heavy equipment across the US. Call us today for free advice and free quotes.

heavy haul transportation services

Oversized Transport

Let us handle the transport of your oversize equipment. Our agents are experts at planning and executing oversize equipment shipments.

heavy haul transportation services

Heavy Equipment Export

Work with us to export your heavy equipment overseas. We handle transport to the port, overseas shipping and final delivery.

heavy haul transportation services

Super Load Hauling

Consult us about arranging transport for your Super Load. Let’s discuss our complete turnkey package, featuring logistics and hauling.

heavy haul transportation services

Catastrophic Recovery

Choose us to transport your heavy machinery when disaster strikes. You’ll get immediate help shipping equipment out of and into the area.

heavy haul transportation services

Equipment Hauling

Choose us to haul your heavy equipment anywhere in the country. Safe and efficient equipment transport at great rates!

Heavy Equipment Shipping You Can Trust

One of the first steps is to know how much your heavy equipment weighs andaccurate dimensions. This helps us in determining the category it pertains to andthe kind of trailer required for hauling your heavy equipment. Our agent will choose among flatbed, step-deck, or RGN trailers and decide which one isappropriate for your needs.

There are a ton of factors on which the cost of equipment hauling depends. But,the four most crucial among those are:- density, priority, insurance, and destination.

Density refers to the dimensions of the equipment you have chosen to ship. It isthe standard of measurement in the shipping industry. It includes the cost ofpickup, delivery, handling, and the type of trailer to be used for hauling your heavy machinery.

The urgency with which you need your machinery to be shipped also affects thecost significantly as it is expensive to meet deadline switches tighter schedules.Insurance also affects the cost as the probability of an accident damaging themachinery becomes high with the size and fragility of the heavy equipment.

Finally, the price increases with an increase in the distance of your destinationdue to the requirement of permits and tariffs for shipping to and from state-to-state borders and country-to-country borders.

Our transportation agents will also tell you about the current market rates forheavy haul equipment transportation and the expected timeline in whichthe shipment will be completed. Next, our agent tracks a driver from our networkwho is experienced enough to deliver the kind of machinery that you want to beheavy hauled. Not just that, expect our agent to remain in regular contact withyou while your shipment is on the way.

Why United Heavy Haul

We guarantee the quality of our work and the way we do things. You can trust our equipment transportation firm. Oversize trucking, oversize load tracking, and haul trucking are our specialties. We move your machinery safely using big haul brokers and high-duty moving equipment.

We make light work of heavy
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Heavy equipment international shipping

We provide an integrated approach to heavy equipment international shipping, prepare and execute your global shipments based on your requirments.

Oversized Equipment Shipping in all 50 States

Oversized trucking services to get your job handled securely, and delivered on-time. An equipment shipping company that’s reliable & hard working as you are.

Heavy Lift Trucking & Rigging Service

We can manage the safe lifting of your cargo anywhere in the United States. We provide lifting or engineered for your heavy lift and heavy hauling needs.

Farm Equipment Transport Services

We offer reliable farming equipment trucking and agriculture equipment hauling service to farming operations in all over United States.