Drilling and Rigging Transport Services

Drilling and Rigging Transport Services

Ever thought about how big companies complete the task of moving heavy equipment from one place to another? Of course, utilizing transport, but do they use a normal transport service? 

Rigging and Drilling transportation services require a high level of expertise as the sensitive equipment needs to be exported with intensive care. 

If you are new to the entrepreneurial world and finding out the services for your equipment to get transported, then you might need a trustable transportation company to help you accomplish the task of transporting your significant goods most professionally. 

What is a Drilling and Rigging Service?

Drilling and Rigging service provides a portable or a mobile platform that helps load oil service equipment, including equipment related to rigging and drilling, which is transported from one place to another, covering long distances. 

There are many types of specialized rig services provided by many industries like:

  • The Carrier 

  • The Pump truck

  • The Doghouse 

  • Crew Vehicle 

Types of Drilling and Rigging Trailers 

The biggest dilemma faced by the people while wishing to transport their machinery or oil to far away places is which trailer would be the best suited for their purposes. 

Holding the foot in this business for so long, United Heavy Haul will help you suggest the best solution for this situation, and if you want to book your trailer today or in the future, you must check out our website. 

  • Dry Van Trailer:  By the name, it is suggested to transport the dry materials (either loose or boxed), dry equipment, and heavy equipment hauling. It is the most commonly seen and used trailer as it is very comfortable on roads due to its measurements. It is 53 feet long. 

  • Standard Flatbed Trailers: The standard flatbed trailers come in many different sizes, and you can choose the one based on the goods you want to transport. The most used trailer is the one measuring 48 feet, best for moving heavy types of equipment. 

It is mostly preferred for the open-air equipment, those with no actual size and cannot be fitted in a closed area. The transported equipment should be properly tied up with chains and straps to ensure the safety of the equipment and its smooth delivery.

  • Vacuum Tank Trailers: Vacuum trailers are air-tight trailers that are properly shut from all sides. These ensure that the liquid chemical being transferred must not spill on the ground, and the fluids do not evaporate. These are cylindrical in shape and consist of a durable trailer body. 

They have a feature that allows an operator to pull the liquid quickly and efficiently from the area as they have a built-in pump that makes it happen. 

  • LowBoy Trailers: The Lowboy transport services are the ones that are highly prevalent in the gas and oil industry for hauling equipment. The oversized heavy machinery equipment is comfortably transported with the help of its trailer style - a bed that sits lower to the ground, different from a standard flatbed trailer. 

It consists of features like fixed-necks, goosenecks, and removable goosenecks. The accurate method of loading and unloading the LowBoy trailers is from the trailer's front or rear side. 

  • Jeep Trailers- The jeep trailers are best known for increasing the payload capacity of an oilfield trailer. They have a combination of 5 wheels, and the fifth wheel and the first to third axles help maintain equality in the load being carried. 

This also helps in ensuring the safe process of heavy equipment hauling. 

Why Do You Need a Rigging and Transportation Service to Help You?

When a company needs to transport heavy equipment, they call the professional riggers. Rigging has gratefully transformed huge businesses and taken them to great heights. With the help of drilling and rigging services, everything is accessible today and can quickly be transported from one place to another. 

  1. Detailed planning- Only a professional can help you plan a safe and secure transfer of the heavy equipment. They know exactly how to tie it up, in which trailer it would be the safest, and which route is to be taken, among many other things. The main purpose of the planning is to safeguard the drilling equipment by keeping in mind all the potential hazards, control of the lift, and proper and safe transferring. 

  1. Proper Equipment- Different kinds of trailers are now prevailing in the market with multiple brand names. But only the one who deals with them daily knows which one is the best to carry what kind of goods. The questions are, to what extent the weight can be, what would be the height of the equipment, what is its horizontal reach, etc., and the solutions to their answers can be provided by professionals most adequately. 

  1. License and Insurance- The driver's license is an important document for the drivers to carry, as they deal with such a heavy load on the trailer. They should have good driving skills to safeguard the equipment. On the other hand, the company also provides documentation for the insurance of the equipment for unfortunate instances. 

  1. Industrial Experience- The company you choose has years of industrial experience. This is how for every project, they come across new tasks and challenges, yet they successfully accomplish them with great zeal while maintaining the equipment's security. 

If you are worried about your transportation-related needs, associate with United Heavy Haul today to ensure all your needs are taken care of. With numerous years of industry experience and specialization in heavy equipment hauling and machinery transport, United Heavy Haul helps you transport your equipment anywhere between the US, and Canada. 

We transport drilling equipment, no matter its shape or size. We also guide you about the type of trailer best suited for your goods. Our services are focused especially on equipment required in Oil fields, utilities, and mining. You can fully confide in us for transportation of your heavy haul equipment, and we will handle everything, from permits to schedules and fees, etc. Get in touch today!