How much does it cost to transport motor graders?

Transport Motor Graders 

Are you looking to haul, move, tow, ship, or transport your motor grader and scraper anywhere across the country? You must first consider the right professional equipment transport service to approach for efficient and good-quality trucking services.

United Heavy Haul offers the best heavy machinery transport services you can trust when it comes to shipping and transporting overseas. With a team of licensed drivers, United Heavy Haul offers international motor grader construction equipment shipping and motor grader hauling from the United States to several destinations worldwide.

What are motor graders?

Motor graders are multipurpose construction machines that flatten out surfaces during grading projects and road construction works. Used to create a flat surface where the asphalt needs to be placed, motor graders are commonly used in mining sites to perform fine grading.

Various types of equipment for shipping and hauling

Construction machinery

  • Paving equipment such as asphalt rollers, motor scrapers, and motor grader transport.

  • Earth-moving equipment and digging machinery include trenchers, excavators, dozers, dump trucks, and backhoes.

  • Mining equipment includes articulated trucks, gigantic screeners, conveyor systems, rock plants, and drilling gear.

Agricultural machinery

  • Self-propelled farming equipment and motorized machinery such as cotton pickers, combines, and windrowers.

  • Planting, tilling, and harvesting equipment such as plows, seeders, spreaders, and motorized sprayers.

  • Hay-making equipment such as hay rakes, tedders, mowers, and balers.

Other machinery

  • Industrial equipment includes boilers, compressors, concrete pilings, engines, kilns, pumps, lathes, presses, turbines, and machine tools.

  • Emergency vehicles include ambulances, crime scene vans, fire engines, ladder trucks, police cars, tow trucks, and SWAT vehicles.

  • Military vehicles include armored, combat support, refuelers, tanks, tactical, utility, and cargo trucks.

Factors for shipping and transporting

  • Choosing the right trailer

One important decision is the choice of trailer depending on your load. If you are shipping a super load, you may need beam trailers for extra support, steerable dollies for balancing tight turns and spaces, and platform trailers for spreading your load over two lanes of traffic. 

Smaller pieces of industrial or farm equipment can be shipped using flatbed trailers, larger pieces of industrial or farm equipment can be shipped using step-deck trailers, and even larger machinery can be shipped using RGN trailers.

  • Route planning

You need to determine which type of road can withstand the weight of your shipment and choose the route with minimal traffic congestion. Route planning is a necessity for transporting equipment from and to job sites.

  • Load flagging

Every state has its own set of rules and regulations regarding the transport of heavy loads. You may need to acquire the necessary permit and fill out the concerned paperwork to avoid penalties.

  • Bridge and tunnel surveys

Another important factor to consider while shipping heavy loads is avoiding bridges and tunnels that are too low or too small. This is one key factor that requires attention while transporting a motor grader.

What are the various services we offer?

  • Heavy Hauling

You can ship your largest loads anywhere in the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and more. With our team of transport professionals, you are guaranteed to get personalized service, fast and accurate quotes, and logistics support. From construction equipment and farm machinery to emergency vehicles and military trucks, United Heavy Haul offers affordable and efficient transport.

  • Oversized Equipment Shipping

For transporting oversized equipment that may exceed the appropriate weight, height, width, or length, you may face the need to get permits to ensure transportation. With our team of experienced heavy-haul agents, you are in safe hands, and they will help you apply for permits and submit your paperwork. 

Several permits include oversize permits, trip permits, fuel permits, etc. Moreover, our transportation agents are also involved in the appropriate scheduling and routing of your oversize load based on state regulations.

  • Heavy Equipment Export

Once you reach out to United Heavy Haul for heavy equipment shipping, the job is almost done because it is our specialty. After considering the suitable trail per your needs, we ensure that your machines reach the port on time and in perfect shape. 

We offer various trailers such as RGN trailers, step deck trailers, and flatbed trailers. Moreover, we offer various options for container shipping, such as Full Container Load (FCL) shipping, Less-than-Container (LTC) shipping, and Roll-on / Roll-off (Ro/Ro) shipping, as well as air freight.

  • Super Load Hauling

Your load is considered a super load if it exceeds the following dimensions such as 150,000 pounds, 16 feet in height, 10 feet in width, and 75 feet in length. Some super loads include steam turbines, wind turbines, modular buildings, offices, power generators, and mining equipment. Another major feature is construction equipment hauling.

Transporting such super loads requires equal trailers for shipping, such as beam and platform trailers, and permits to cross through restrictions and inspections. As a result, you inevitably need a specialist to assist you.

  • Catastrophic Recovery

Nothing can be more disastrous than a disaster itself. In such dire situations, you need all the help you can get. By offering relief in times of hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods, United Heavy Haul ensures safe and immediate transportation of heavy machinery and evacuation of damaged gear. 

We make sure to provide you immediate assistance from a quick response to planning the necessary logistics such as the trailer availability, route planning, and delivery schedule. So, in times of catastrophe, you know whom to call!

  • Equipment Hauling

United Heavy Haul specializes in transporting equipment from and to job sites and shows professional expertise in shipping construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and oversize equipment. Furthermore, we provide you with great customer service and instant access to the status of your load as soon as your equipment hits the road. 

Our drivers have years of experience shipping heavy-duty construction equipment with proper care and caution. Some of the construction machinery we transport are earth-moving, paving, and mining. Some agricultural machinery we ship is self-propelled farming equipment, planting, tilling, harvesting equipment, and hay-making equipment.


Transportation of heavy goods requires extreme care and caution. It is mandatory to get the assistance of a certified, bonded, and professional equipment transport service for transporting a motor grader across the country and overseas.