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About Our Company

United Heavy Haul is an asset-based heavy machinery transportation company operating in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our professionals, who have been with us since 2008, are a strong team that continues to expand via innovation, fleet diversification, and, most importantly, fantastic people.

United Heavy Haul LLC is supported by skilled agents who have been educated to handle a wide range of gear and equipment. We advise our customers to travel safely and use efficient transportation machinery when transporting large equipment. Our team of professionals can transfer any load of heavy materials through the transporting apparatus with ease. You may rely on our industrial equipment carriers when carrying heavy equipment.

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We’re on a mission to offer solutions to people with their problems concerning heavy equipment transportation. Our team guarantees that all your machinery and equipment would be handled with utter care and efficiency. The team wishes one thing: to provide you with our excellent services that would compel you to seek our services time and again!

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We believe that mutual trust and understanding are paramount to forging a good business relationship. Also, we understand that nothing comes from beating around the bush, which is why we always are completely direct and transparent in our fervor. And, we are highly committed to carrying out our promise every single time.

Why United Heavy Haul

We guarantee the quality of our work and the way we do things. You can trust our equipment transportation firm. Oversize trucking, oversize load tracking, and haul trucking are our specialties. We move your machinery safely using big haul brokers and high-duty moving equipment.

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Heavy equipment international shipping

We provide an integrated approach to heavy equipment international shipping, prepare and execute your global shipments based on your requirments.

Oversized Equipment Shipping in all 50 States

Oversized trucking services to get your job handled securely, and delivered on-time. An equipment shipping company that’s reliable & hard working as you are.

Heavy Lift Trucking & Rigging Service

We can manage the safe lifting of your cargo anywhere in the United States. We provide lifting or engineered for your heavy lift and heavy hauling needs.

Farm Equipment Transport Services

We offer reliable farming equipment trucking and agriculture equipment hauling service to farming operations in all over United States.