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Motor Grader Transport Services

United Heavy Haul wants to ship your Motor Grader anywhere you need it.

United Heavy Haul wants to ship your backhoe anywhere you need it. Our experienced heavy-haul drivers handle backhoe transports every day. All of the drivers who work with us are:

Ship your motor grader between any two locations in the country. We transport road-paving equipment every day.

Contact United Heavy Haul to ship your motor grader to its next work site. Our experienced drivers transport paving equipment throughout the country regularly. Our drivers are experts at loading and transporting motor graders.

Each of our professional heavy-haul drivers has:

  • Valid Operator’s License
  • Adequate Business Insurance
  • Positive Customer Reviews

Speak with your knowledgeable agent about shipping your motor grader. If it fits on a step-deck trailer, you’ll save money versus transport on an RGN trailer. Let your agent go to work for you, give us a call today.

Ship Any Type of Motor Grader

Motor graders are used to smooth the topmost layer of dirt on a road before asphalt is applied. Motor graders also are used as snow removal equipment. The machine features a movable blade that’s used to scrape dirt and snow into desired areas.

Over the years, the shape of the modern motor graders has been standardized. The two dominant types of motor graders that we haul include:

  • Articulated-frame motor grader transport. On an articulated motor grader, the blade is located between the two axels. Most feature four-wheel drive.
  • Rigid-frame motor grader transport. Operating on only one axel, these old-school graders are rare these days. Harder to steer and tougher to load.

Trucks and Trailers to Ship Your Motor Grader

Can you imagine loading a motor grader on or off a flatbed trailer using a dock? Most motor graders won’t fit aboard a flatbed trailer anyway, so it’s not really a worry. Since the best way to load or unload a motor grader is to drive it, your best choices for transporting your construction grader are step-deck trailers and RGN trailers.

Step-deck trailers usually go for a little less than RGN trailers, but availability can be an issue. Sometimes is worth it to pay slightly more for an RGN trailer that’s ready to roll, rather than wait for a step-deck trailer to become available. Either way, the two best choices for shipping your motor graders are:

  • Step-deck trailer transport. For motor graders that weigh less than 40,000 pounds and are less than 40-feet long, ask about shipping on a step deck.
  • RGN trailer transport. If your motor grader approaches dimensional limits, you’ll need an RGN. Anything oversized definitely requires an RGN.

Lowboy trailers also can be used to ship motor graders – if you have a crane for loading and unloading. For the most part, heavy equipment must be lifted aboard a lowboy trailer. It’s much more difficult (and often impossible) to drive a lengthy piece of equipment on or off a lowboy trailer than it is to load or unload an RGN trailer or step deck trailer.

Tips for Successfully Shipping Your Motor Grader

Weight isn’t usually the issue. Most motor graders weigh less than 40,000pounds. Most motor graders also are less than 40-feet long. As long as you watch the blade, ground clearance is no problem. Motor graders are fairly easy to drive aboard a step-deck trailer or an RGN trailer.

As with all pieces of heavy equipment, it’s important to secure your load. Once you’ve loaded your motor grader onto the trailer, you should:

  • Adjust the blade for shipping. The blade, called a moldboard, is positioned vertically to reduce wind resistance and remain within width regulations.
  • Lower attachments once loaded. Lower any rear attachments to the floor of the trailer once you’ve loaded. Then chain down that attachment.

Motor graders travel facing forward on the trailer. Since step-deck trailers load from the rear, you’ll drive your motor grader straight onto the trailer. If you use an RGN, you’ll have to back your motor grader onto the trailer. The processes are reversed when you’re unloading the trailer. Drive forward to unload an RGN trailer, drive backwards to unload a step deck trailer.

Motor Grader Manufacturers

Freedom Heavy Hauls has shipped motor graders from most of the major manufacturers. As long as we have the proper dimensions, we can haul any motor grader anywhere in the country. Major manufacturers whose motor graders we’ve transported include:

  • Case
  • Caterpillar
  • Champion
  • Clark
  • Dresser
  • Fiat
  • John Deer
  • Komatsu
  • Mitsubishi
  • New Holland
  • Terex
  • Volvo

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