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Hauling and Shipping CAT 988H Wheel Loader

Hauling and Shipping CAT 988H Wheel Loader in 1x40 HC and 1x40 OT Containerizing to overseas

When United Heavy Haul professionals requested to haul a CAT 988H Wheel Loader, we took upon it as a challenge and a responsibility to deliver the special and beneficial equipment of the customer safely. The request was to haul and ship this important piece of equipment with a size of 40'X12.75WX13.42H and a weight of 110000 lbs. Moreover, the transportation was to be conducted from the state of Illinois to the Middle East Port. Carrying such a heavy piece of equipment in oversized shipping over a huge distance required a high level of expertise and care. 

The Procedure 

The team of United Heavy Haul LLC began with obtaining permits and the trucks essential for the transportation. While the equipment was also quite big, it was important to dismantle the equipment to transport it. The team dismantled the unit in the dismantling yard so that it could fit in 1x40HC and 1x40 OT for ocean freight. With great precision and care, United Heavy Haul LLC successfully shipped the equipment to the final destination. 

The experience mentioned above might have given you a hint of how we work and how customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. We also suggest the transportation mode and the vehicle be utilized for the respective equipment to be carried and carry out equipment to and from the port. 

Equipment Hauling By United Heavy Haul 

We carry out projects related to,

  • Heavy Hauling

  • Freight Shipping

  • Heavy Equipment Transport

  • Oversize and Overweight

  • International Export

  • Crane Rigging

  • Trailer Transport

  • Superload and Break Bulk Transport

Our focus lies in providing the best solutions to the customers within the prescribed budget. We do not generate high bills or attach extra charges than what is fair and show them just the expenditure that was made. The prices we offer to our customers are much lower than what the competitors in the market have to offer. 

We take upon ourselves all the responsibilities and tasks that come in transporting the deliverables. Our experts carefully plan out the process to be followed in carrying out the transportation. We carry out the specific tasks, including- 

  • Mapping the route

  • Obtaining permits

  • Taking care of the pilot cars

  • Carrying all the required documents

There is no specification or limitation to the type of equipment we can carry or the process of transportation that we can conduct. Whether your equipment relates to agriculture, oil, and mining industry, or you deal with drilling pieces of equipment, we cater to your transportation needs and even offer you dismantling and assembling of the equipment, in case it is too large to be taken as it is. 

For carrying out multiple task types, we make use of trailers such as:

  • Flatbed Trailer

  • Landoll Trailer

  • Stepdeck Trailer

  • RGN Trailer

  • Trailers from 5 Axle to up to 18 Axle

Do you also have a transportation need? Searching for a reliable partner to effectively transport your essential equipment? Partner with Uniter Heavy Haulers LLC today to experience smooth hauling of your equipment in your budget. 

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Hauling CAT D10R Dozer from TN to Wilmington Port

When United Heavy Haul LLC received the request to haul a CAT D10R Dozer Wheel Loader, we saw it as a task. It was our duty to deliver the customer's prized and precious equipment. CAT D10R measures 25' X 11,37 W X 13.45 H. That's correct, 120000 lbs. of heavy equipment had to be delivered with precision and skill. Carrying such an oversized piece of equipment shipping from port to port in an overloaded package over such a long distance required a high level of skill and attention to detail. 

It is not simple to transport equipment from the port safely and legally. A standardized loading, transporting, and unloading routine is not alone a best practice when dealing with some of the large pieces of machinery ever produced by humanity. 

We recommend following these recommendations for transporting equipment to port safely.

  • Conduct a documented risk assessment

Risk assessments are proactive compliance documentation demonstrating how extensive and thorough your fleet management systems are. Consider including one in your equipment transportation planning procedure. They can be performed by senior management or supervisor. It covers the whole operation and transportation duration, weight loads, relevant project dangers, and what has been done to solve them.

  • Protection Equipping Sites

We can not emphasize enough how important safety is to the industry. Wearing personal protective equipment is a safety norm throughout preparing for safe and legal heavy freight transit.

Documenting Personal protective equipment (PPE) is also a risk-mitigation tactic. You'll have a complete risk assessment and permit application if you include all the safety practices.

  • Examine the Towing Capabilities of Your Truck or Trailer

The next step in preparation for heavy equipment transfer is to inspect the items that will be conducting the actual hauling. A thorough check of your trailer or vehicle should cover the following:

  • Lights

  • Tires

  • Tie-Down Point

  • Brakes

  • Weight

The security precautions for safe loading operations are:

  • Delegate Responsibilities

  • Clear and level the loading area  

  • Clean the ramp and trailer

  • Level the loading area.

  • Start the machine 

  • Start Chaining Down Heavy Equipment

Procedures for unloading equipment safely

  • The Discharge Area Must Be Cleaned up and Leveled

Take the time to check and clear the designated unloading space in the receiving yard before the vehicle arrives.

  • Perform a Walk-Through

Direct the transport truck to the exact unloading location. Once the trailer is parked, clean and prepare the ramp for deployment. 

  • Release the Load

Unwrap chain that has become coiled around the links before beginning to loosen tie-downs with their adjustable tool boomers.

  • Carefully lower the heavy equipment down the ramp.

Keep a safe distance between the device and its spotter. All focus should be on carefully ushering it down.

  • Finishing Touches

Before sending everyone out, conduct a last ground examination of all equipment, the transport vehicle, anchor points, and tools.

Final Thoughts

Transporting building equipment is a difficult task. Connect with United Heavy Haulers LLC now to enjoy easy transporting of your equipment while staying within your budget. We hope this resource has given you insight into the right strategies and protocols for heavy load securement and transportation operations.

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Hauling 7 Cable Drums from Savannah Port to Florida

Hauling 7 Cable Drums from Savannah Port to Florida 

In a recent achievement, United Heavy Haul successfully transported 7 Cable Drums from Savannah Port to Florida. Our esteemed customer came forward with a request to move 7 cable drums, each of size 4.20mX4.75mX4.25m / 224 Metric tons. We offered a fair quote to the customer and took the responsibility of delivering the precious drums of the customer upon ourselves. 


Length: 4.20M

Width: 4.75M

Height: 4.25M

Weight: 224 Matric Tons

As a result, Unite heavy Haul scheduled a crane at the port. All the requisite permits were obtained by us accordingly. We conducted the survey route and consequently delivered the drums intact to the prescribed location. We have been transporting goods and freight over the port of Savannah for a while now. 

Services Covered by United Heavy Haul

While conducting the safe and efficient transportation of your equipment, we conduct the services and take care of the elements mentioned below-

  1. Providing Fair Quotes, Permits, Escorts, and Route of the survey included

  2. Schedule a crane with port to load our trucks

  3. Scheduling Pickups from port to the final destination in FL

  4. Transloading and Cross-Docking

  5. Delivery to the Scheduled Location

Hauling Services by United Heavy Haul

United Heavy Haul partners with firms and large companies dealing in multiple niches and offers them the facility of transporting the most sensitive and heavy equipment from one part of the country to another. We also transport your equipment to different countries such as Canada and worldwide. 

While transporting your essential equipment, we take utmost care of the security and safety of the equipment. Our drivers come with a certified license, and we also offer insurance if any unfortunate incident occurs in the process of transportation.

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