Farm Equipment Handling Made Easy

The taming of farmlands now requires modern machinery. What is a better way to tend to these farms than using modern equipment? And this farm equipment hauling can be done effectively with United Heavy Haul. They provide machinery transportation services on-time and help to make it a seamless process.

United Heavy Haul helps you with farm equipment transport to and from anywhere. You can choose to move equipment from your dealer, auction house, or a storage area. They take utmost care of your goods and help to transport them from one place to another. They also offer services to help you send the equipment to other countries.


United Haul is based out of Chicago, but one can use its help to transport heavy equipment and machinery all across America. Their services include the transport of various kinds of machines -

  • Heavy Haul transportation services

They can help you transport heavy instruments all across the United States of America.


  • Oversized Transport

You can leave it to them to handle the transport of large and oversized machines. Their agents are experts at planning and executing oversize equipment shipments.

  • Heavy Equipment Export

United Heavy Haul helps to move your heavy equipment to other countries. You can also contact their agent to deliver your goods to a port. They help you until the final delivery of your goods.

  • Super Load Hauling

You can reach out to them for your superload hauling. They help you with the turnkey package, the logistics involved in it, and its hauling.

  • Catastrophic Recovery

They understand the trouble that one goes through when disasters occur. Therefore, you can book them for shipment during tough times.

Benefits of equipment transport with United Heavy Haul

  • Most cities have different permits for different machinery. They help you with the paperwork and permits required to transport oversized equipment.

  • If the given consignment exceeds the dimension regulations set by that city, it is termed as oversized. For oversized farm equipment load trailers can be used.

  • Cities also have restrictions based on the size of your machinery. So they check the specific dimensions of length, height, width, and volume of your machinery before it starts getting shipped.

  • Different vehicles can bear different loads of machinery. Their agents help you with the right kind of vehicle for the transport of your equipment. This also avoids the need for booking multiple vehicles.

Commonly transported farm equipment

Here is what the farm equipment trucking services can transport -

  • Balers

  • Combines

  • Cotton Pickers

  • Cultivators

  • Harvesters

  • Loaders

  • Mowers

  • Plows

  • Rakes

  • Sprayers

  • Spreaders

  • Tedders

  • Tractors

  • Rakes

  • Windrowers

  • Wagons

For large farm equipment, RGN trailers can be used. They usually come in handy while transporting combines and cotton pickers. The clients prefer flatbed trailers for the transport of small-sized equipment like balers and mowers. Whereas a step-deck trailer can be used for larger equipment like sprayers or cultivators.

Things to remember while transporting farm equipment -

They provide you with a team of professionals who understand your requirements and then guide you to choose the right kind of vehicle to transport your equipment. You can talk to an agent and let him know about the type of machinery you wish to transport and any special care instructions you want to pass on. Their agent will then pass on all of this information to the vehicle driver. 

The driver is trained to handle your equipment carefully and safely to see that your machinery reaches the final destination. Their agent will continuously keep monitoring the entire process for you until the equipment is delivered.

To transport your farming equipment to a different place, their agent can guide you. Here are some more farming equipment that people usually transport -

  • Earth-moving equipment

For excavators, trenchers, backhoes, dozers, and dump trucks.

  • Paving equipment

For motor scrapers, graders, asphalt rollers, milling machines, and road reclaimers.

  • Mining equipment

For large screeners and rock plants, drilling gear.

  • Self-propelled farming equipment

They transport combines, cotton pickers, and windrowers across different cities.

  • Planting, tilling, and harvesting equipment

The agents know the best kind of trailer or vehicle that will help transport your equipment. Step-deck trailers are suitable for the transport of plows, seeders, and spreaders. Motorized sprayers are best transported by RGNs trailers.

  • Hay-making equipment

Mowers and balers can be transported via flatbeds. Hay rakes and tedders are usually tall when they are being shipped. They can be transported using RGN trailers.

At United Heavy Haul, they believe in maintaining a constant communication mode between the clients and transport services. You can contact the agent who is transporting your machinery or the vehicle driver at any time to track your shipment order. Once your machinery hits the road, you will be given access to know where it is and to know how far it has reached. Contact their agents today to learn the rates of moving farm equipment. You will receive the best quotes for your requirement.