Which Oversized Transport Service is The Best for You?

Transporting heavy and bulky goods to their destination is quite a hectic task. It is not a job for laymen, and you require professional oversize trucking companies to do the job for you. Selecting the one best suited for you can help in easy oversized equipment transportation and avoid damages.

Key points to remember before an oversize load is transported

  • Defining Dimensions: It is essential to know the weight, height, width, and length of the equipment to be transported.

  • Advanced Planning: Shipping heavy equipment requires time and effort; hence, prior planning is essential. Planning the entire process in advance makes the shipping arrangement easier.

  • Reliable partnership: Oversize trucking requires an experienced transport company that can undertake the burdensome work of arranging a carrier, negotiating prices, applying for permits, and handling freight management.

  • Preparing for Unforeseen Circumstances: Terrible weather conditions, traffic, and other unforeseen situations can crop up for which reserving extra time is essential to avoid delays.

Permits Required for Shipping

There are permits and paperwork that need to be applied for and submitted to ensure the safe relocation of your heavy shipments across the states. Experienced heavy-haul agents have the experience to handle such technicalities. The three main types of permits that you may require are:

  • Oversize Permit: Submitting your route and days of travel to create an account to request your permit.

  • Trip Permit: Heavy-haul drivers require trip permits to navigate roads outside their home states.

  • Fuel Permit: Drivers are required to pay a fee or buy a fuel permit each time they cross state borders outside their home states. 

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