How much does it cost to move an excavator?

Excavator Transport Services

Excavators are equipment pieces transport companies use for moving, lifting, and placing large objects, demolishing structures, digging trenches, and even landscaping. These are the construction equipment used for lifting heavy amounts of soil from the site. 

While renting an excavator, it is important to know its size and speed depending on the working conditions. Excavators are usually huge and heavy, making their transport a little tedious. Smaller excavators are still easier to ship, like on a 10000 lbs container, but larger and heavier excavators need something that can bear at least 20000 lbs of weight. 

Excavator transport should be trusted to only a professional who has all the necessary resources and manpower to ensure smooth and secure shipping. In this article, we will talk about the transport of these excavators and the best company providing this service in detail.

Factors to consider before the transport

  • Dimensions

Before you start shipping your excavator, it is very important to know a few things about it beforehand for hassle-free transport. It is necessary to know the dimensions of the excavator before even approaching the transport service. 

Providing the right dimensions to the service helps them provide you with the right container or a trailer with the proper height and weight capacity for the transport. Transporting excavators are a little more difficult than normal cargo, but the right service provider will ensure the safe delivery of the same. 

  • Distance

 It is necessary to know the distance of the shipment as it will affect the overall excavator transport cost. Usually, transport rates are calculated per mile, and coast-to-coast transport per mile is relatively cheaper than the regular local runs. 

Your transport drivers will be charging their fees depending on the time they invest in the shipment. All these factors may look negligible but play a huge role in planning the shipment budget.

  • Accessibility

Some excavators can be moved easily and on your own, and spending heavy bucks for their transport makes no sense. These are called wheeled excavators. The transport of a wheeled excavator just needs a right trailer of a suitable dimension for a flawless shipment.

RGN trailers are used for the transportation of larger wheeled excavator transport, while deck trailers or hotshot trailers are the best when it comes to small wheeled excavator transport. Knowing the right equipment used for the transport of your excavators helps you in heavily reducing the overall shipping cost.

  • Shipment location

This is one underrated factor determining the overall rate of transport. When it is long-distance transport, things like a mile-to-mile rate, driver fees, interstate permits, delivery location rules, and taxes all come into the picture. If it is an oversized excavator hauling, then the above factors are completely different. 

If the shipping is in a remote area, then again, the excavator transport cost changes. It is very important to know all the rules and factors before you book any kind of excavator shipping service.

  • Availability

Drivers become the most important factor when it comes to transport. They are constantly traveling across the nation to fulfill all deliveries. If you have a surplus at just one place, then the driver's availability increases, reducing the overall cost. If there is a shortage of drivers in the town you’re transporting from, the overall rate increases as the available drivers will have their pick of the lot.  

Equipment hauling is as complicated as it sounds, and there are a few things you need to ensure before a safe, secure, and convenient transport:

  • Try breaking down the equipment you need to transport in such a way that it can be reassembled once delivered. This will help you manage space and will relatively reduce the budget.

  • Get all your permits sorted, which will help you save time and last moment confusion.

  • In case of wheeled excavator transport, disconnect the batteries to avoid any mishap. Also, make sure the doors and other openings are shut and properly secured.

Cost of moving an excavator

The cost of transporting an excavator depends on a lot of easy-looking complicated things like the distance, loading and unloading costs, dimensions, etc., as discussed above. Among all factors, the service cost usually has a major effect on the excavator transport costs of heavy transports and commercial cargo. Knowing the process of calculating these values might help you determine the actual cost and even save some. 

The cost of an excavator transport normally ranges from $2 to $3 per mile. It depends on the route, distance, and dimensions of the cargo. The shipment cost across the US depends on the machinery used to transport the equipment. Making sure you go through the testimonials and reviews from prior clients helps you determine the best service provider for your excavator transport at the rate you want it to be shipped at. As discussed above, a skilled and experienced professional will help you with your shipping at the best possible rate.

Excavator shipping services at United Heavy Haul

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