How do you Transprot Paving Equipment?

Paving Equipment Transport

Contractors who are savvy understand that being on time and performing high-quality work is essential for getting paving and road maintenance assignments. We understand that you can't start paving and asphalt jobs until your heavy equipment arrives on location, ready to work. That's why we specialize in paving company heavy equipment haulings, such as milling machines, pavers, and compactors. 

What do you know about paving equipment?

Paving equipment and machines are commonly employed in the construction of roads and bridges. Various machines including compactors and screeds work together to apply asphalt and concrete to roadways. Gravel and other aggregates are essential in the creation of asphalt paving material and concrete. And, they are used in paving projects. 

In the gravel industry, machines are used to produce materials. Materials including rock reclaimed concrete, and gravel is ground, screened, and separated using these devices. These are used in road base layers as well as in the construction of asphalt and concrete. Batching plants are used to mix and distribute ingredients used in the production of asphalt and concrete.

How does paving equipment function?

Paver equipment has a variety of capabilities that can be utilized to construct a high-quality road. 

  • At first, the asphalt material is placed into the hopper of the paver machine so the material processing can begin. 

  • The paver machine then transports that material to the auger equipment after the transferring operation is completed. 

  • The auger equipment then moves the concrete from the stockpile to the screed. 

  • After this, that material is spread evenly on a specific region of the road once it is transported to the screed machine.

All road paving equipment contains an automatic screening system and a screed controlling device for laying flat asphalt as well. Their function is to control the asphalt laying and its processing automatically. 

Moreover, the screed controlling system enables the machine to lay the material stockpile without the need for human assistance. Not just this, but paver machines have speed control and height adjustment systems as well. It permits the equipment to modify its speed and height in accordance with the road's requirements and structured plan.

How is paving equipment transported?

All paving equipment is heavy and needs vehicles to be transported or moved to the location or site of construction. When you think of transporting heavy machinery like paving machines, you need to take extra care of everything. Loading it carelessly can cause a lot of harm to your paving equipment. Even the transportation vehicles and containers must be thoroughly checked for security. 

Due to the factors stated above, it is always a good idea to hire a good paving equipment hauling service provider who can provide you with the required services without any damage. Doing everything on your own will become time-consuming and inefficient, so getting professional help is advisable.

Importance of paving equipment transport services

When you choose efficient and trustworthy paving equipment transport services, it can present you with numerous benefits, and some of them are:

  • Safe transportation: As paving equipment is quite heavy and valuable, you can't just trust any transport vehicle. When you turn towards a good paving equipment transport service provider, it is safer and ensures safe transportation.

  • Reduced possibility of damages: If you choose an expert and professional service provider, they know the right way to take your paving equipment from one place to another. So, this means that the chance of damage to your equipment is reduced no matter whether you are doing asphalt roller transport or double smooth drum hauling

  • Saves time: Shipping paving equipment on your own can be quite a time consuming for you. So, when you go for a transport 

service, it saves your time. 

Tips for the efficient transportation of paving equipment

We know that there are numerous companies or firms available in the industry that you can hire. But, as you can see, some of them are known for their quality work and have gained fame, while some are still untrusted. What do you think is a factor that makes the difference in paving equipment transport? Well, it is the way they carry on their work. Let us have a look at some of the tips and tricks that can lead to safe and efficient asphalt pavers hauling and mobile asphalt plant hauling

  • Choose the right trailer

If you want to export your paving equipment correctly, you must perform a number of things. For a safe equipment move, choosing the correct trailer is crucial. Because of their higher sizes and weights, most paving equipment must be transported on a removable gooseneck. You can even go for a drop-deck trailer. If you want to load paving equipment onto an RGN trailer, you might need to use a crane or other specialist equipment.

  • Take all the safety measures

You must make sure that you prepare the machine well and take all the safety measures to avoid any kind of accident or damage. To make sure that you avoid any kind of accident, you should do a proper risk assessment and provide the service providers with equipment to protect your machines. Moreover, you should make sure that the carrier is in good shape. 

  • Load the paving equipment safely

When you are loading the equipment on the carrier, the chances of damage are high. So, you should make sure that you load all the machines and equipment safely. You can use a ramp to load the equipment easily and the space on the trailer should be cleared to store the equipment. 

  • Clean the storage area

Before loading the paving equipment on the carrier, you should get it cleaned and do a small inspection to see if the storage area is clean and free from any kind of dirt or oil etc. This way, you can be tension-free about the fact that your machines won't be damaged in any way. 


Paving equipment plays a pivotal role when it comes to the construction of roads. But, all that equipment and machinery are quite heavy and need to be transported to the construction site safely on a trailer by some expert transport company that is aware of all the practicalities about it. 

You can't just do everything on your own and hence it is a good idea to hire an expert paving service provider like United Heavy Haul so that your paving equipment can be hauled efficiently no matter whether it's for big or small equipment hauling. It is one of the leading agencies that provide paving equipment transport services.