how much does it cost to ship heavy equipment overseas?

Shipping Heavy Equipment Overseas

In today’s world of an ever-strong yet complicated network of supply chains, speed still remains the first thing a customer would like to place their bet on. And in this complex world of the supply network, it's the technology that is making it a lot easier to connect with international chains, get your clearances, and even make payments. 

When it comes to shipping heavy pieces of equipment overseas, it still feels like a task considering the size of the containers which naturally influences the costs. The costing usually depends on several factors and it's very important to know and understand them to make the right economical decisions. 

Some basic factors that influence the cost of shipping heavy equipment overseas are the size and weight of the shipping container, the number of items needed to be shipped, mode of shipping, total distance the cargo needs to cover, the rules of the destination country, etc. 

This blog will help you understand the factors affecting the cost and help you make a profitable decision.

Size and weight of the shipping container

For any shipping company you visit, the most basic inquiries they make are about the size, weight, and dimensions of the shipment and so it is very important to know them beforehand as it affects the overall cost. These measurements play their own segregated role in deciding the final cost of the shipment. 

The first thing that you’ll need to take care of in terms of cost during the shipment is the labor fees which depend on the dimensions you provide to the shipping company. Labor costs for shipments with lesser weights and smaller sizes will normally cost less than the opposite. Along with the dimensions, it is also necessary to provide the exact number of items that need to be shipped. This will help you determine the labor cost and the mode of shipment, and eventually the overall shipment cost. 

It is extremely necessary to know the exact dimensions of the shipment as that will decide if the shipment needs to be transported in a shipping container or a Roll-On/Roll-Off vessel (RORO vessel)

The difference between a RORO vessel and a regular shipping container

A Roll-On/Roll-Off (RORO) vessel is usually used for the shipment of wheeled cargo. A RORO vessel has various considerable advantages:

  • A major advantage of a RORO vessel is the speed. It is definitely a faster mode of shipment as a wheeled cargo can be easily driven up or down the vessel saving more time than a regular shipping container which would normally require a lot of labor.

  • A RORO vessel can be easily integrated with a container. The use of the most basic custom sealed units has helped cross the frontiers with a lot more ease and pace and definitely a lot more efficiency.

  • ROROs play a significant role in the life of holidaymakers and vehicle manufacturers. A person or organization can easily and conveniently ferry his vehicle with a RORO vessel.

 A RORO might have a number of advantages but when it comes to international shipping, choosing a normal shipping container over ROROs becomes efficient. Usually, in the case of international shipment of larger and heavier cargo, a regular container may cost way higher than RORO but the destination port might not always be equipped with RORO handling. If there is more than one heavy-weight cargo, shipping in a normal container becomes more cost-efficient than international RORO shipping.

The destination port:

Destination ports play a huge role in deciding the overall equipment shipping rates. In the case of an international shipment, the destination port will have an impact in even deciding what mode of shipping would be efficient for your shipment. These factors are usually decided by the accommodation costs, maritime laws, and tax codes of the country where the destination port is located. 

Different ports have different sets of regulations. The cargo and import tariffs are also different, and they affect your shipping cost as there could also be a heavy exchange rate. Another basic yet important factor playing a major role in cost is the distance a cargo needs to travel. The labor cost of the onboard crew, the fuel cost, the shipment travel time, the maintenance cost of the vessel, etc., all come into play during an international shipment affecting the cost of shipping heavy equipment overseas.

Miscellaneous costs

Usually, a client prefers a door-to-door shipment, and that requires inland trucking and transportation, affecting overall costing. Also, the risk of damage is also higher when it comes to the international shipping of heavy equipment. The risk involved in the overseas shipping of construction equipment is usually high due to the number of steps involved in the process, the number of heavy pieces of equipment exposed to the elements in the RORO vessel, etc. 

It is always safe to ensure that the cost of the items in the shipment is insured in case of any damage. If the cargo is not insured, the equipment shipping cost might turn into a tremendous loss. 

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