To Port From Port Heavy Equipment Transport

To Port From Port Heavy Equipment Transport

Overweight Cargo (OWC), also called Heavy Cargo, is one of the niche segments of the logistics industry. Even after turning into a limited market owing to the coronavirus, OWC remains highly competitive. Excellent specialization and expertise are needed to deal with oversize shipping, from the technical to the management level. A lot of experience goes into developing good strategies for efficient management and deliverance of good service. 

A good heavy equipment logistic service optimizes technology to deliver a fast, affordable, and dependable service. Quality is always a priority, and their workforce, skilled as they are, works with the utmost dedication and aim for customer satisfaction.

Towing is one of the common methods of transportation in moving heavy machinery. It is usually explained as the coupling of two or more pieces of equipment, loaded onto a trailer and then pulled by a truck to the desired delivery site. It can be anything, from small industrial machinery like a massive boiler, excavator, crane, or generator to heavy-duty vehicles like motorhomes, aircraft shells, engines, boats, and cranes. A transport company has the expertise and resources to handle and relocate all such types of equipment. It may also help to canary out equipment auction shipping.

Heavy pieces of equipment are heavy investments too and require special attention as they are valuable assets for any industry. You might have invested your life's savings to procure heavy machinery from international markets. They have arrived at the port, and you want to have the equipment transported from the port. You might be concerned about its logistics. The other case of to-port transport is as likely. 

In either case, whether you deal with inbound, domestic, or outbound shipments, you require the heavy machinery to be carefully handled and relocated to avoid unexpected mishaps. This is where a credible heavy equipment logical company comes to your rescue.

 A transport company works on a vast range connecting all US ports. It coordinates the safe movement and transition of goods by providing port-to-port heavy equipment trucking service. The types of equipment transported by them include:

  • Construction and Industrial Equipment

  • Logging Equipment

  • Motorhomes

  • Catastrophic Recovery Equipment

Advantages of hiring a heavy equipment transport company:

The following points enlist some of the major advantages of hiring an OWC:

  1. High-quality logistics

The transport companies are well-prepped and positioned to furnish with proven logistics services suiting individual diverse cargo-moving and supply-chain requirements. The transport companies work by an extensive integration of state-of-the-art technological tools and managerial strategies to develop innovative logistics solutions. The transport companies provide quality logistics solutions for heavy equipment, heavy machinery, oversize loads, and more. They seek to develop the most affordable and efficient solutions for your freight without forsaking the security of the equipment.

  1. Skilled workforce

The transport companies come with a workforce expert in dealing with heavy machinery. These people are generally technically learned who have legit knowledge of the things they deal with. They provide you with highly integrated and customized logistic solutions to suit your goals. The varying challenges in logistics provoke them to come up with port to port equipment shipping solutions to provide customer-centric services.

  1. Experienced professionals

Transport is a challenging field. One comes across many environmental and anthropological challenges on his course to successfully conduct his business. Climate, geographical terrain, daily index, changing trends, transportation policies, etc., are a few factors that affect logistics. Transport companies are experienced to deal with such challenges. A team of mechanical engineers helps to assess the potential risks and recommend solutions. 

  1. Licensed experts

A genuine transport company always comes with a license (something you should always look for while hiring any service!) Once you are convinced that your company is licensed, you can lay back and rely on them. Securing a license is an exhausting task. A lot of technical and managerial training goes into this to be qualified for a license. A license is a guarantee that your machinery is in the right hand.

  1. Insurance 

Hiring a transport company service might help you keep the undesirable anxiety of mishaps at bay. You can pack up your shipping worries as all heavy pieces of equipment get automatically insured with them. The company becomes liable in the course of any unfortunate event. The companies come with theft and damage prevention and diagnostics, facilitating them to deal with both expected and unexpected situations during oversize shipping. This may, however, be not the case if you hire an unlicensed transporting service. 

Domestic and overseas heavy equipment transport

Shipping heavy equipment requires precision, efficiency, and a regard for safety. You have paid a heavy amount for the heavy pieces of machinery. Your concern for your load is justified, especially when the machinery is exotic. Timely delivery is essential, and transport companies strictly adhere to the philosophy of "time is money". They know the importance of time to every industry, and thus they work to deliver their service in a highly calculated fashion. 

Transportation of heavy hauls from auction sites usually engages the same processes and formalities. Besides inland transport in the US, the transport companies also offer the service of overseas transport at all US ports. When the equipment is to be hauled to or from the port or auction sites, the companies provide either a drop deck, flatbed, RGN, or super load trailer. Additionally, the paperwork is managed by the company.


Like all logistic facilities, charges made by cargo companies are based on the factors of distance and weight. The companies give a free quote on the approximate charges. You may need to fill in a form whereby you mention the required type of shipping vehicle. They evaluate the costs based on the distance of transportation. 

In a nutshell

  • Transport companies provide you with an easy, reliable, and affordable logistic solution for your heavy equipment cargo.

  • They are licensed, bonded, and insured, thereby providing a high-quality service.

  • The charges are made depending on the weight of cargo, distance, and type of vehicle availed.

  • The transport solutions offered are tailored to suit individual requirements.

We at United Heavy Haul LLC provide you with the best customizable logistic solutions for your oversize shipping needs. Get in touch today at (866) 946-7764 for a free quote!