How to Select a Heavy Equipment Shipping Service?

Shipping heavy equipment overseas is not as easy as sending an email, but at the same time, it's not as daunting as it seems. The only thing you need is a good shipping service. Choosing the right service can help you transport your fully intact machine without risking any damage.

If you're looking to export heavy equipment overseas, here are some points to consider before choosing a shipping company-

  • Experience

Equipment export is a very specific type of export and requires a lot of experience. The items can easily be damaged by factors like natural disasters, mishandling, and incorrect packaging. When you're looking at a firm, find out what kind of ships/planes they use, their routes, and how they proceed with the export if either of the locations is undergoing a crisis.

  • Documentation

Shipping construction equipment overseas requires specific documents without which you might not be able to receive or export your cargo. Make sure you select a shipping company that completes the documentation procedure for you or at least gives you complete details regarding the same.

  • Customization & Safety

For heavy equipment shipping overseas, trailers need to be customized. Additionally, your machines need to be dismantled and packed with caution. They should be packed in such a way that it isn't damaged during transport or during loading and unloading. See what kinds of measures the company is willing to take for your equipment.


If you're looking for a service in Chicago, we at United Heavy Haul are well equipped to export your assets overseas with complete vigilance.