Heavy Equipment Shipping to Asia

Heavy equipment shipping overseas is not a simple task, but at the same time, it is also not as complicated as it seems. All it requires is a good shipping service like United Heavy Haul.

All you need to know about Heavy equipment shipping

Heavy equipment plays a vital role in the formation and success of any company. This equipment can be defined by their weight and size, which constitutes machinery such as bulldozers, bobcats, machinery transport, military equipment, crawlers, building materials, track loaders, farm equipment like tractors or plows, hydraulic equipment, forklifts, large equipment, graders, excavators, and more.

Further, to ship these types of heavy equipment, it is necessary to select the right type of route according to the weight and size of the shipment. 

Below, we have mentioned the various types of routes which can be used for equipment shipping:

  • Full Container Load Shipping (FCL): A crane is used to load and unload the heavy equipment. Also, this is one of the least expensive methods. Most of the shippers pay rent of the shipment/ container at a flat rate as it is feasible for moving large bulk quantities overseas. 

  • Rollon-Rolloff Shipping (RoRo): Heavy equipment or oversized cargo are shipped through a specialized ocean vessel, which otherwise would not fit into regular-sized containers. Here, the price is based on the dimensions of the shipment. It is a popular method to carry shipments of larger/oversized quantities overseas and has one of the highest weight carrying capacities.

Based on the above types, RoRo is the perfect route option for heavy equipment as: 

  • No damage: The cargo or shipment is tied to the deck so that it won't cause any damage to the shipment.

  • Easy conveyance: It has a platform vehicle which is used upon the arrival at the destination for a smooth transfer of shipment. 

  • Feasible: This route is highly affordable than any other route, especially for heavy equipment. 

  • Convenient: It requires the least direct handling of shipment, which makes it cost-effective and faster. 

After selecting RoRo as a suitable solution, here is a list of documents which should be included for Asia heavy equipment shipping:

  • Bill of Sale (BoS) along with the machine manufacturing year, model, and its Serial number.

  • Letter of Lien Release is required from the financial institution if the vehicle is brought on loan.

  • Export Power of Attorney.

  • Automobile Shipping Information Sheet.

  • Insurance Form.

Today, shipping is possible overseas, but heavy equipment needs special care to be taken. With the Rollon-Rolloff route and correct documents, the heavy shipment has become easier. 

What leads to Heavy Equipment shipping to Asia? 

Asia has a huge shipping market with multiple possibilities. Apart from this, many multinational companies invest in Asian countries to increase trade partnerships and expand their businesses. This indirectly leads to the import of heavy cargo and other shipping equipment to Asia

Asia is the biggest continent, and there is an abundance of job opportunities available here. With the expansion in migration for jobs and growth in the e-commerce sector, Asia is in high demand. Also, due to its high population, there is an extensive requirement for import as well. Countries like India, China, Malaysia, and Singapore have higher growth rates with a surge in the shipping of goods. Trade partnerships are one of the key drivers for growth in shipping heavy equipment. 


Along with this, Shanghai, China, is the busiest container port in the world. It also justifies why China is the largest importer in Asia and the 2nd largest worldwide. The majority of China's imports consist of heavy machinery, electronics, and vehicles. 

China shipping farm equipment such as Farm tractors, Plows, Harrow, combine harvesters, Balers, Fertilizer spreaders, Mowers, and more are highly exported as well.  

Additionally, China imports most of its goods from the sea and air. It has also built huge ocean shipping connections, due to which shipping large equipment to China is not difficult.