How to ship a crate?

Crating and Shipping Freight

Crating and shipping freight have been among the most reliable methods of shipping goods to even a large distance. The two terms altogether mean packing of goods in wooden shipping crates and transporting them to the desired destination through land, sea, or air. Here freight simply refers to the goods transported through truck, train, ship, or planes. Whether you need to send a personal commodity or a part of import and export, crating and shipping freight is the most punctual, safe, and cost-effective way to go.

Let’s take a deeper look into crating and shipping freight and a step-by-step process to ship one.

What is crating?

Crating in general means packing goods in a crate (large containers) for transportation. For freight shipping, the most preferred crating method is using wooden crates. Using wooden crates for moving is one of the oldest methods of packing goods which dates back to 18th century Europe. Wooden crates transport through ships was a common shipping method at the time. Since wooden crates are sturdy and easily stacked, they were an excellent way to transport crates to port through the harsh sea. 

Surprisingly, despite the introduction of plastic, steel, and other modern materials, wood shipping crates remain one of the most popular shipping solutions to date. Here are the top reasons why:

  • Wooden crates safeguard the goods properly from damage due to robust construction.

  • The wood used for shipping crates is relatively resistant to different weather conditions and (sea) water.

  • The chances of damage due to colliding or falling of other goods in transit do not disturb crated goods if well crated.  

  • Wooden crates are the best shipping options for high-value, fragile items, overweight items, and easily damaged Items.

In addition to these plus points, suppliers also use advanced wooden crates for transport. Such shipping crates require good quality wood that has been treated with necessary chemicals and fumigation to make it pest-free. Most first-world countries today demand these special procedures with a certificate evidencing for fumigation. Furthermore, the supplier must ensure proper construction of crates for moving and storing without any trouble or damage to the content and the cargo. 

As we become more clear with the use and benefits of wooden shipping crates, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to ship a crate.

How to ship a crate

Here are three easy steps to ship your crate from scratch. 


  1. Get the crate

Unless you are a crate manufacturer, the easiest way to get a crate is from a trusted crating or shipping company. Most of these companies would provide a variety of crates for moving your items. Some  of these businesses might even offer custom shipping crates or containers according to your requirements. Also, it’s crucial to choose the right shipping company to protect your belongings, as one wrong choice could result in damage or loss of items. 

Although the size of the crates might differ according to your items, an ideal crate must have superior protection from vibration, shock, and shifting during transport. Using shipping crates is an excellent option for high-security items since they are usually harder to open than palletized loads. 


  1. Pack the Crate

After getting your desired crate, let’s move on to packing. Since everyone wants their item to reach the destination in optimal condition, good packing is the key! 

Firstly, keep fragile and non-fragile items separate to minimize damage if movement occurs inside the crate during transit. Secondly, if your crate consists of only fragile items, pack it as full as possible to avoid an extra room that may allow movement during shipping. It is advisable to wrap all items in plastic, bubble wrap, or paper. Especially if the items are fragile and can be easily damaged, this layer of wrapping will protect them and even prevent scratches or breakage during freight shipping. 

Further, you can also line your shipping crate with foam padding or even fill up the whole crate with paper, packing peanuts, and similar materials to protect your items. We highly recommend using high-quality packing materials since your items are valuable, and the extra expenses are all worth it!


  1. Ship the Crate

Your crates are all packed and stacked to ship! But, before you head to freight service, make sure you label your crate properly. Without proper labeling, you will put your items at the risk of getting misplaced or lost. Your shipping crate must have a clear label at eye level, stating all crucial information such as the shipper and consignee's address and telephone number. Additionally, you might include any special instructions, contacts, or hours available for delivery. For instance, for fragile items, you should place ‘fragile’ labeling so that the shipping service knows to handle it with extreme care.


How Much Does Crate Shipping Cost?

Your crate shipping quote would depend on many factors, especially if you have opted for custom shipping crates. That being said, you can estimate your crate’s shipping cost in many ways.  However, we recommend using only professional shipping companies since they provide fair prices and quality services. Transporting even the smallest items in a crate can cost about $50 to $100, with larger items costing you several hundred dollars.  When shipping overseas, you’ll most likely need to pay duties, which are legal fees imposed on imported merchandise by a country. Again, the cost of shipping you may need to bear in duties depends on the gross weight and value of your item. Nevertheless, you don’t want to be overcharged with no guarantee of your crate’s safety! Therefore, it’s essential to choose the right shipping service to move your shipments successfully.

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