What is super load hauling?

Super Hauling Services

What is Super load Hauling?

What is the one thing that comes to your mind when you see a huge load rolling on the road? You wonder ‘why is such huge equipment being transported so delicately’? 

This particular heavy load is referred to as “Super Load”. A super load is very easy to spot. You will notice plenty of escort cars surrounding the huge rolling load. Equipment that is treated as super loads is:

  • Wind turbines 

  • Steam turbines

  • Large Yachts

  • Mining machinery

  • Power plant transformers

  •  HVAC equipment

  • Power generators

  • Industrial boilers

The transfer of one structure from a certain location to another location is called Super load hauling. One cannot break this structure into smaller pieces and therefore, it is transported as a whole. 

Super loads require different types of  trailers to transport the structure

A super load hauler is larger than the extended RGN trailers when transported from one location to another. To transport this trailer, one requires a multi-axle RGN trailer. The multi-axle RGN trailer, hooked together during the transportation, is the best choice for super load transport.

You must now have an idea about how difficult it is to transport a super load. Here are three trailers that act as the best super load haulers:

  • Steerable dollies - Super load transportation is not an easy process. The entire structure, being an oversized and heavy superload, makes it difficult for the driver to take right and left turns during his journey. Steerable Dollies eases this problem. It allows the driver to take turns and adjust the structure in congested spaces. 

  • Beam trailers - Carrying a structure requires a rigid and taut base. Beam trailers are the providers that support the entire structure during super load transportation. The beam trailers have multiple beams of steel beneath them to support the weight. 

  • Platform trailers - A super load transportation takes place across many types of roads. Some roads have 2 lanes and others have 3 lanes. The platform trailers divide the weight of the structure between such lanes. It spreads the load over multiple road lanes. These platform trailers have multiple wheels to support the weight and make superload transportation easy. 

What exactly is offered under super load hauling services?

Super load-hauling requires extensive planning and strategy. It is better if you get in touch with the expert who will help you review the rules laid out by the state governments. The expert will also submit the plan of superload transportation with time, date, route, and strategy. Once it gets accepted by the state government, you can carry out the transportation on the exact time, date, and route. 

The companies providing super hauling services will help you with:

  1. Route planning

Now that you have an idea about the complications that can arise during super load transportation, it will be easy for you to understand the significance of 'Route Planning'. 

Deciding the route of transport includes analysing the width, length, and other dimensions of the road to carry the structure. Do not worry as the experts you hire will check the capacity of the road to hold such heavyweights. 

Route planning is significant for the safe transportation of super loads, and it helps avoid traffic congestion and accidents. 

  1. Load flagging 

Load flags act as a warning for the people travelling on the road. Load flags can be red, orange, or yellow and they are used to alert other vehicles about super load hauling. When the expert chooses a route for the transportation, they ensure that these flags are put all the way on the same route. 

Every state has a different set of rules for load flagging, and if you fail to adhere to those rules, you will face a fine.

  1. Escort vehicles

Do you think mere planning and surveying will help you with the whole transportation process?

Of course not!

You will require a team of staff, pilot cars, bucket trucks, and different types of equipment to make way for your superload. They help you pull the wires on your way and clear the route. Some of the equipment is:

  • Heavy haul tractors

  • Dual lane transportation systems

  • Prime movers

  • Step Deck trailers

  • Extendable trailers

  • Hydraulic truck cranes

  • Hi-bridge girders

  • Slide systems

  • Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers

  1. Bridge and tunnel surveys

The bridge and tunnel surveys are a part of route planning. The team of experts that help you in super hauling transportation also performs bridge and tunnel surveys. Any route that has small bridges or tunnels must be avoided. 

  1. Paperwork and permits 

It is very usual for you to exceed the predetermined limit of weights. Your agent will help you get the paperwork done to get the permits for the transportation of your shipment, in case it exceeds the predetermined dimensions. To make you understand the concept of permits you might need, here is a list to help you get the basic idea:

  • Oversize Permit 

Every state has a different process of issuing permits for super hauling transportation. Some states would require you to register an account while some would not. 

Once you submit your route planning, date of transportation, and weight details, the state will issue the permit within 6-7 days or reject the same if it needs to be changed. 

  • Fuel Permit 

When a superload is traveling outside a specified boundary of states, it must pay a fee to the state authorities. You must have drivers who have permits from different states from where your superload travels. It will make the paperwork and permit process fast and easy for you. 

  • Trip Permit

When you start your super hauling transportation, your agent must get you trip permits for the super heavy haul loads driver. It requires a temporary registration for the drivers who navigate their way through roads that are not their home cities or states. 

This permit also includes the drivers who join the superload transport services temporarily or on a monthly basis. 


Your agent plays a major role in planning, scheduling, and strategizing the whole transportation of superload. They keep in mind all the restrictions, weight limit rules, and other rules to help you carry out the oversize transportation easily. They study the road routes, bridges, and traffic in a way to gives you a clear and safe route. 

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