How Much Does It Cost To Ship Farm Equipment?

How Much Does It Cost To Ship Farm Equipment?

When we contemplate farms, people think of the large lands filled with various crops, huge tractors working the farm, loaders, and planters loading and planting seeds across the vacant field. However, have you ever thought about how these heavy pieces of machinery are hauled or transported? 

Certainly, they do not hold the power to move from one place to another on their own, so how do these enormous accessories get transported? And if transported via a carrier company, what funds are required for shipping farm equipment and how long will it take for them to be delivered at a specified location? 

Let’s take a look at all these questions and try to figure out the answers!

What kinds of agricultural equipment are shipped regularly?

Nowadays many farms and fields employ numerous kinds of equipment to get work done and among these pieces of equipment, advanced machinery and heavy equipment have evolved as the most important part for the growth of farms and fields. As these kinds of machinery play a vital role in farm production, various manufacturers in present times are willing to perform this oversized transport of the large pieces of farm equipment.  

Handling farm machinery transport is not an easy task. There are many parameters to keep in mind while transporting agricultural equipment like what is the exact set of tools required for the task, or having the right transport permits. Another important thing to keep in mind is the timely arrival of the machines and the prevention of machine scathing. 

Among the farm machinery transport field the most famous agricultural equipment that prominently gets shipped  is:

  1. Balers: This equipment is used to compress a crop into small pieces of bales which makes them easy to transport.

  1. Combine Harvesters: This piece of equipment is generally used to efficiently harvest the crops.

  1. Commercial Mowers: These kinds of mowers are used by big companies who offer mowing services.

  1. Cultivator Disc Harrows: This is the kind of agricultural equipment that is generally used to till the soil.

  1. Loaders:  This piece of equipment is utilized to move large farm materials such as rocks and soils.

  1. Planters: This machinery is basically used to plant the seeds into the soil.

  1. Seed Drills: This is also a seed sowing machine that sows the seeds at the appropriate depth.

  1. Spreaders: This is a device with a locking mechanism that is used to hold containers.

  1. Threshing Machines: This machine is used to thresh the grains and remove stalks from husks.

  1. Tractors: This is a type of equipment that is designed for delivering a high traction effect in the farms.

How to ship a farm tractor?

When it comes to shipping a tractor or planter hauling it can prove to be a huge challenge as the sheer size of a tractor may be a problem in itself. To handle these kinds of situations the most reliable option is to ship them in the protection of a truck. 

Tractor hauling is a very challenging task so the process used to ship it must also be an efficient one. Most of the time the tractors are shipped on lowboy trucks and trailers.  This is a specific kind of gear that is specifically designed to haul large machinery and equipment which also includes tractors. The lowboy as its name suggests is a type of flat gear which lies on the ground. 

The lowboy trailers also have different kinds among them like:

  • Fixed neck lowboy 

  • Removable Gooseneck lowboy 

  • Fixed Gooseneck lowboy 

While transporting a tractor the removable gooseneck lowboy is the ideal choice because this type of trailer is used for equipment that can be driven or moved, which is the case of tractors. After getting the tractor into the trailer it is secured with big iron chains which go around the tractor’s axel to keep it in place.

Different types of trailers for farm equipment transport

As mentioned above, the lowboys are used to transport farming equipment. However, they are not the only option you can use to ship your farm equipment. So, let us take a look at some different trailers required for hauling the farming equipment:

  • Combines: These are similar to the gooseneck removable trailers but unlike goosenecks they have attachments that provide support to the wheels. The load will be oversized and to transport such large equipment the right set of permits are required.

  • Harvesters: These are very large tracks behind harvesters which can be loaded on a disposable gooseneck trailer. These kinds of trailers require very low clearance and provide ample strength to the main trailer.

  • Loaders:  These types can be ridden on a trailer and there are many trailers suited to loaders but the ideal trailer required is the step back trailers.

How much does shipping farm equipment cost?

The million-dollar question everyone wants to know is what is the cost of shipping farm equipment from one place to another. So let us now understand the cost of hauling equipment across the U.S and Canada.  

If you are residing in the United States the average cost of auto shipping is $2-$4 a mile, while the cost for heavy equipment can vary from $3-$5 per mile.  For the residents of Canada, the average cost depends on the container, if the vehicle is going to a distance greater than 500 km, the cost incurred will be $1.61 per km, whereas for shorter distances the cost is $4.87 per Km. 

The bottom line 

To sum up, it can be concluded that with the assistance of the right carrier company, you can easily ship all your pieces of farm equipment with ease. If you are looking for a reliable company that deals with equipment shipping and transport in the U.S. or Canada at an affordable cost then you must always choose United Heavy Haul LLC

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