Transport Equipment To Or From Auction

Transport Equipment To Or From Auction

Starting off with this constant and universal fact, that is, we all are ever-fascinated with the feeling of purchasing the item or commodity we wanted for a long time. For this, no place could be better than an auction where rare and unique commodities, whether old or new, are grabbed at exciting prices. 

For connoisseurs in particular and common people in general, auctions are a great opportunity to purchase exotic and rare commodities. To add to it, you might also come across something which you need but is not sold anywhere in the market, online and offline alike.

However, one of the most important steps that we need to worry about when purchasing such items is the transportation of the same. Whether it is equipment transport to auction or equipment transport from auction, having a reliable and experienced service for the transportation is extremely important for the safe hauling of the items from one place to the other. 

For this, we have curated certain points that should be kept in mind during equipment hauling from auctions to port or the place you want it to be delivered:

  • Correct details: 

The first and one of the most important, yet one of the most overlooked tasks is to make sure that the details that you have provided are accurate. Double-check to see that you have provided the correct details to the transporting company hired to ship heavy equipment. The delivery address, the delivery contact person, and the contact number of the person who would receive the delivery, every detail shall be authentic and shall be rechecked at least once. 

To add to it, every person involved in the loop should have an exact idea of what is to happen. The transporting company shall know the details of the delivery person, address, etc. The person receiving the delivery should have prior knowledge to expect such delivery at a particular time. And in case any problem occurs during equipment pickup from Ironplanet auction or in the course, there shall be ease of contact communication so that everyone involved can easily be taken into the loop.

  • Dimensions of the equipment: 

We all know how common it is that people just have a random look at an item and assume that the thing would fit. When they actually start fitting the thing onto the transporting carrier, it is a different story. It is hence really important to make sure that once you are done with the auction and are thinking about equipment transport from auctions, you shall have the accurate dimensions of the equipment. Random looking and guessing would not be very convenient. Take note of the length, width, height, size, number of pieces, sizes, etc.

  • Availability of the loading dock:

Next in line comes the point about the means of unloading and placing the equipment where it has to be. Suppose you give every detail to the transportation company and they even deliver the product. But what about the process after that? 

Before opting for an equipment pickup from ironplanet auction, ensure that the loading dock is readily available and enough space is prepared in advance for the equipment to be placed. 

  • Packaging of items: 

You wouldn’t want to be standing on the dock at your warehouse only to see that the equipment, when finally delivered by the transportation company, is broken, damaged, or has missing pieces. Checking the company’s safety rating before choosing it and seeing to it that they are experienced and have proper packaging material and ideas is always preferred. Properly securing and protecting the load from any damage along the road and due to temperature or weather is imperative.

  • Availability of helping staff: 

Another important thing that you have to keep in mind is whether you have arranged a loading dock receiving staff. Lack of preplanning and not having the staff to unload the dock can be a costly and dangerous affair. If you or your transportation driver can unload it, well and good, but if there is a need for staff, see to it that you have them readily available on the day of delivery. This would not only save you from hassle and waste of time but will also save a lot of money which you would otherwise have had to pay to the transportation driver for the delay and for extra human resources at the last moment.

  • Cross checking: 

This is something we already know but often neglect this point. However, you should not sign the documents if the equipment is damaged when delivered to you. Before the equipment leaves the auction ground, be sure that you have checked every single detail and have taken note of the condition of the product. Now, even if you have managed to hire the best transportation agency for equipment hauling from auctions to port, it doesn’t mean that there is no chance of occurrence of any mishap. 

Once the equipment reaches the delivery place, inspect again and check if everything is in the same condition as it was when it started its journey from the auction ground. It is advised that the inspections before and after the delivery are done with the driver of the transport company at your side, and see to it that everything is documented. If there is any newly found issue, point it out immediately and do not sign for it unless the issues are resolved. 

  • Credibility of the company: 

One of the most important things for equipment transport to richie bros auction sites or equipment hauling from auctions to port is to thoroughly research and opt for the best, reliable, and certified transportation company with great reviews. United Heavy Haul LLC is one such company. We are licensed and certified. We are known for our expert workers and trained professionals who ensure that our customers are satisfied with our services.

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